09/04/2012 03:47 am ET Updated Sep 04, 2012

'Stars Earn Stripes' Finale: Did Dean Cain, Todd Palin, Picabo Street, Or Eva Torres Win? (VIDEO)

Going into Monday's two-part finale of "Stars Earn Stripes" (Mon., 9 p.m. ET on NBC), there were two men and two women left out of the eight that started in the military reality competition series. By the end of the night, only one would remain standing, and it was someone who was familiar with holding championship titles.

Todd Palin was knocked out in the first hour, leaving Dean Cain to battle two female competitors for the top prize: gold medal winner Picabo Street and two-time WWE Divas Champion Eva Torres.

In the end, it was Torres who won the top prize for the USO; her charity of choice. For winning, she earned an additional $100,000 for the charity, in addition to her earnings throughout the competition.

Ratings dipped to just above 3 million viewers for last week's penultimate installment. Paired with the controversies the show has ignited, it could make it an unlikely candidate for renewal. Mashable detailed the online petition that was created to encourage NBC to cancel the show, as well as the Nobel Peace Prize winners who came out against it.

But perhaps the biggest legacy the show leaves behind will be the absence of Sharon Osbourne on "America's Got Talent" after this season. Osbourne reportedly quit over NBC's refusal to allow her son jack to participate on "Stars Earn Stripes" in the wake of his multiple sclerosis diagnosis.

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