09/05/2012 08:07 pm ET

'After Midnight' By Chris Pritchard: Early Morning Time-Lapse Showcases Twinkling LA (VIDEO)

Los Angeles isn't known for its nightlife, but filmmaker Chris Pritchard reveals that there's more to this city than meets the eye when it comes to LA after hours.

Pritchard filmed his short time-lapse movie, "After Midnight," a mile above the city in the San Gabriel Mountains. The inspiring footage of our huge, twinkling metropolis is enough to set straight any "LA isn't a true city" naysayers.

Pritchard explains more on his Vimeo account:

LA has a reputation for being an early city. The bars close at 2:00am, and many people don't even make it that late. Yes, there are pockets of late night activity to be found around the city, but all in all, LA is sleepier than many big cities during the early morning hours.

But, when viewed from a more macro perspective, it is obvious that the city is still very much alive, pulsing with activity and lots of people moving around. During a recent shoot at Mt. Wilson in the San Gabriel Mountains, I ended up staying fairly late and became enthralled with the level of activity in the city below. I made a number of subsequent trips back to see and capture more during the early morning hours. I was also lucky enough to catch the entire LA basin fogged in after 2:00am one night, resulting in the dark night sky making an appearance above the shrouded city.

In all, Pritchard is visiting over 50 locations around the city for an upcoming, LA-based project. We can't wait to see how it turns out.

h/t LAist

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