09/05/2012 01:52 pm ET Updated Sep 06, 2012

Beverly Hills Cop Reboot: Who Should Play Axel Foley's Son? (VIDEOS)

Get ready for your close-up, Beverly Hills! One of the 1980s most iconic LA movies, "Beverly Hills Cop," could be getting a TV reboot.

CBS has committed to a pilot production of "Beverly Hills Cop," produced by Eddie Murphy (naturally) and Shawn Ryan, creator of "The Shield."

The script is a "continuation of the iconic Beverly Hills Cop universe," reports Vulture. But instead of old hero Axel Foley, the series will focus on his son, Aaron Foley. According to Vulture's sources, Foley Junior will "take down the criminal elements of the rich and famous, while simultaneously trying to escape the shadow of his larger than life father."

This got us wondering: if Aaron Foley wanted to escape the shadow of the Beverly Hills Cop, why work in Beverly Hills? But we digress.

Ryan has confirmed to HitFix TV reporter Alan Sepinwall that Murphy will reprise his role as Axel Foley, and that Los Angeles itself will be another major player in the pilot. Ryan also hints that improv could be part of the show:

Eddie is very excited about this and pumped to play Axel again. Perhaps the most exciting aspect for me is to do something more comedic than I've done before. We'll be doing a mixture of scripted and improvisational comedy that I don't think (to my knowledge) has been done in the 1-hour drama universe before. Also, in an era where most new shows are being shipped out of Los Angeles, we'll get to film this here, which will bring me closer to production after a run of shows ("Terriers," "Chicago Code," "Last Resort") that have all filmed out of town.

SNL's Jay Pharoah could be a natural fit for the role of Aaron Foley (check out his spot-on Eddie Murphy impression below), but there are some other actors we think could also be a perfect fit. Vote for your favorite!

WARNING: Video language is NSFW.

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