09/05/2012 07:47 am ET Updated Sep 05, 2012

'Coma' Mini-Series Finale: Susan Wheeler Trapped In The Jefferson Institute (VIDEO)

Susan Wheeler nearly joined the comatose "patients" at the Jefferson Institute on the finale of the two-part "Coma" event. She was simply getting too close to uncovering the truth about what went on there, so the corrupt powers that be decided to eliminate her as a threat.

But as she's young and healthy, there's no reason to just kill her. Not when Ellen Burstyn's cold and evil Mrs. Emerson could just make her part of the farm system there at the Institute. Maybe impregnate her for embryonic stem cells, or harvest her body parts for research, or other means.

While Susan proved pretty capable on her own, she would have never escaped had Dr. Bellows not managed to find enough police officers who weren't in on the whole cover-up to storm the Institute. While they took down Susan's professor, Susan took care of Mrs. Emerson herself.

But she'd already been drugged pretty heavily, so she was barely with it during her run through the Institute. When she finally came out of it, Bellows was at her side and telling her it was all over.

Except that Dr. Lindquist has cropped back up in China and wants Dr. Bellows to join her there.

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