09/05/2012 09:59 am ET Updated Sep 05, 2012

D.C.'s Humid, Wet Weather To Stick Around, But Relief Is On The Way


WASHINGTON -- The nation's capital may not be baking under 100-degree heat like it was in July, but it is this week stewing inside a humid tropical air mass associated with the remnants of Hurricane Isaac.

While D.C. will have to endure the current uncomfortable mess -- Capital Weather Gang appropriately describes our outlook as "Still swampy with a risk of heavy soakers" -- relief is on the way, eventually.

Heading into next week, D.C. will be blessed with -- get this -- less-sticky temperatures in the mid-to-upper 70s. The humid, unsettled mess will stick around through the weekend, however, as a cold front approaches.

As for the near term, D.C. is dealing with a most uncomfortable outlook: WJLA-TV/ABC7 says that "[n]ot everyone will receive rain today but those that do may have to deal with torrential downpours," but temperatures will, unfortunately for those looking for relief, "remain well above average."