09/05/2012 08:30 am ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

Keep Your Décolletage Smooth, Wrinkle-Free With These 3 Tricks (VIDEO)

When it comes to aging gracefully, there aren't many women who will argue against doing so with a little help. Especially if it means not having to give in to societal and cultural pressures of looking "forever young" with plastic surgery. So, when we came across this segment from the television series "The Doctors" on how to achieve a smooth and sexy décolletage, we had to pass it along.

Because the skin on the cleavage tends to be drier and thus susceptible to showing early signs of aging (similar to hands), Dr. Andrew Ordon recommends avoiding harsh soaps as to not strip the area of any natural oils. He also suggests applying a moisturizer and vitamin C daily to maintain suppleness. But the weird way Dr. Ordon suggests banishing wrinkles? Wearing decollette pads. These medical-grade, self-adhesive strips are typically used for scars, however, they work just as well to stimulate collagen along the lower neckline.

What do you think of the doctor's orders to reduce chest wrinkles? Tell us in the comments section.

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