09/05/2012 05:35 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Duck, Ducklings Cross A Highway, Inducing A Collective Heart Attack (VIDEO)

Why did the ducklings cross the road?

To give us a collective heart attack, it seems.

In this hair-raising, organ-squeezing doozy of a video, some feisty ducklings brave a busy Canadian highway as they waddle haplessly behind their fearless mother.

The going is slow initially, but, trust us: You want to watch the whole thing.

As cars and trucks zoom by, missing the ducklings by a feather, you'll marvel at the death-defying tenacity and trust these tiny babies possess.

Akin to an action movie with breakneck twists and turns, this is one clip that's going to have you gripping the edge of your seat.

"WOW! This video is intense!!! Go DUCKS RUUUUUNNNNNNN," said one YouTube user, capturing the essence of this harrowing survival story perfectly.

For more ducklings crossing roads, watch this video of some friendly Washingtonians helping a duck and her ducklings cross a downtown street: