09/05/2012 12:12 pm ET Updated Sep 05, 2012

Katie Couric On Talk Show 'Katie' And Her Own Personal Bucket List (VIDEO)

Peabody Award-winning journalist Katie Couric is ready to launch her new daytime talk show, "Katie" (nationally syndicated premiere Mon., Sept. 10; check your local listings), and she sat down with HuffPost TV to tell more about what to expect.

"Katie" will tackle serious and silly topics, with guests ranging from celebrities to newsmakers, as well as the YOLO-style bucket lists of her live studio audience and herself (hint: George Clooney is on hers, as is a charming but "unfortunately" happily married British actor). They've branded the show "smart with heart," which Couric loves ... plus it's not a bad t-shirt slogan, right?

Watch HuffPost TV's video interview with Couric above for more on the new show, then tell us: Are you excited to have Katie Couric back on TV?

"Kaite" premieres Mon., Sept. 10. Check your local listings.

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