09/05/2012 10:08 pm ET Updated Nov 05, 2012

Microsoft China Division To Hire 1,000 New Employees Over Next Year, According To Executive

BEIJING (Reuters) - Microsoft will hire 1,000 staff in China over the coming year, adding to the 4,500 the company already employs in the country, a senior executive said on Thursday.

The new employees will be added in research and development, sales, marketing and services, said Ralph Haupter, chairman and CEO for Microsoft's Greater China operation, speaking to reporters in Beijing.

Separately, Microsoft plans to boost China R&D spending by 15 percent over the next year, said Ya-Qin Zhang, chairman of the company's Asia Pacific R&D group. The company currently spends $500 million annually on research and development in China.

(Reporting by Terril Yue Jones; Editing by Don Durfee)