09/05/2012 01:27 pm ET Updated Nov 05, 2012

University Of Massachusetts Tows More Than 100 Cars On Moving Day


There is nothing worse than moving into college. The heat, the exhaustion, the inevitability you forgot something (such as sheets for your bed). The one thing that can make it worse? If your car is towed while you are moving into your dorm -- which is exactly what happened to more than 100 University of Massachusetts-Amherst students on Labor Day.

Because of a "miscommunication," several UMass students, each of whom paid about $300 dollars for a parking pass for the day, had their cars towed while they were moving into their dorm. In order to retrieve their cars, the students had to pay about $100 more dollars and wait in an "out the door" line at Ernie's Towing in Amherst.

Needless to say, the students were not pleased.

"It seems ridiculous," sophomore Brian Partridge told WWLP.

The university will refund $15,000 to students. A total of 141 cars were towed and several others were given parking tickets.

"The bottom line, we ended up in a position we shouldn't have been in," Edward F. Blaguszewski, a spokesman for the school told Mass Live. "We took an action we shouldn't have taken -- towing that many cars."