09/05/2012 04:40 pm ET Updated Sep 05, 2012

'Octomom' Nadya Suleman Has Not Heard Of Mitt Romney

While Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is spending millions campaigning, one infamous face, "Octomom” Nadya Suleman, says she has never heard of him.

“Who? No, I have no idea, I’m so sorry. I live in a village of little kids," Suleman said when asked if she had ever heard of Mitt Romney. "I don’t care if people make fun of me. I make fun of me. My kids make fun of me. I learned to let go years ago.”

Suleman explained that she does not watch television or keep up with current events.

“I live in a different land," she says. "I live in Nadya land. I’m telling you, I’m not kidding you. I’m not normal. I don’t know what’s going on in the world. If you told me someone won the presidency tomorrow I would be like, 'what!' I so apologize for this answer, but I have no clue who is running against the president. I have not watched TV in 12 years,” she said.

Suleman is now getting ready to release her first single on iTunes on Sept. 18, which she says will pleasantly surprise everyone, because of her musical past.

“They didn’t know I had musical experience in my life. I played the flute for eight years when I was little. I won many awards for playing the flute. I was a top flute player, but I don’t play it anymore,” Suleman said. “I love music. My children love dancing to music. We do it every day -- it’s our medicine. I couldn’t live without music and the sad part is, we don’t even have a working radio in the house.”


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