09/05/2012 07:26 am ET

Rogers Centre Roof Stuck: Blue Jays-Orioles Game Soaked By Rain After Malfunction

You know it's a bad season when ever your team's retractable roof is underperforming.

While the Baltimore Orioles were pouring runs on the Toronto Blue Jays Tuesday evening, it was pouring rain outside the Rogers Centre. Inside the ballpark everything should have been fine as the Jays' home field is one of the few in the majors with a retractable roof.

Stadium officials decided to close that retractable roof during the sixth inning, only to have it get stuck, allowing rain to pour onto the field and cause an unlikely rain delay. The Blue Jays' official Twitter account tweeted an explanation and an apology.

After the grounds crew fixed the conditions of the field in the seventh inning, an announcement was made explaining the situation and apologizing to the fans.

With the rain addressed, those fans got to watch their Blue Jays finish out a dispiriting loss to the O's, 12-0.

According to The Canadian Press, a fire alarm went off briefly but an announcement was made saying there was no problem.

Twitter Reactions To Roger Centre Roof Malfunction