09/05/2012 10:01 am ET Updated Dec 10, 2012

WATCH: Russian Woman Falls Asleep On Scooter And Narrowly Escapes Death

A video gaining viral traction on YouTube Wednesday morning shows a woman's near-death experience when she reportedly falls asleep behind the wheel of a scooter and careens into oncoming traffic.

The woman was traveling down a two-lane highway when the accident occurred. A motorist traveling behind her with an Akenori dash cam captured the cyclist drift into oncoming traffic.

As the video rolls, a semi can been seen narrowly avoiding a head-on collision with the woman. The drivers quick maneuver, however, causes the semi-trailer to deal a glancing blow to the bike, toppling it over and sending the woman tumbling back into her lane.

The bike travels down the roadway for a distance before coming to a rest against the bumper of an oncoming car.

A witness can be seen in the video coming to the woman’s aid. He lifts her to her feet -- a move generally frowned upon by physicians -- and helps her to the side of the road. The woman is conscious and appears to suffer from minor injuries.

The identity of the driver is not yet known and the exact location of the incident remains unclear. According to a time stamp on the video it was filmed on Sept. 3. A YouTube description of the accident states it occurred in Russia.

Regardless of the who and where of the accident, one thing is certain -- this woman is one lucky cyclist!

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