09/05/2012 03:15 pm ET

Woody Allen San Francisco Movie: Visit Brings High Hopes For Local Film (PHOTOS)

Ladies and gentlemen, Woody Allen has left the building.

After spending several weeks filming his new movie in San Francisco, the famed director has finally returned to New York. But not without stopping at a smorgasbord of locals-only San Francisco spots along the way.

The director stacked up an impressive itinerary of locations for both business and pleasure (see them outlined in our slideshow below!) giving locals high hopes for the San Francisconess of the upcoming film.

As the Examiner reported, the San Francisco film community is hoping the recent SF adventure will provide a boost not only for Allen's movie, but for the San Francisco film industry as a whole.

"We loved that Woody covered so much of San Francisco, as the film will showcase many of the unique neighborhoods that make up the city," said Film Commission Executive Director Susannah Robbins to the Examiner. Indeed, Allen stopped at locals-only spots including deep-Richmond restaurant Gaspare's Pizza House and Mission newcomer Wise Sons Deli.

"I think this will help filmmakers see San Francisco in a different light. You don't have to come here just to shoot the icons--San Francisco has so much more to offer than that."

The film reportedly is about a previously wealthy New Yorker who moves in with her sister after losing everything. Rumored stars include Cate Blanchett and Louis C.K., who were also spotted around the city.

Check out a list of Woody Allen's San Francisco stops and let us know if we missed any in the comments section!

Woody Allen in SF