09/06/2012 03:36 pm ET

'Breaking Bad' Fan Tribute Traces The Journey Of Walter White (VIDEO)

"Breaking Bad" creator Vince Gilligan has often said that his show is a character study of Walter White's transformation from "Mr. Chips into Scarface."

After watching Walter's manipulation, violence and greed soar to new heights in the first half of Season 5, it's a particularly poignant time to look back at just how much he's changed throughout the show's run.

This impressively-edited "Breaking Bad" fan tribute video above titled "The Journey Of Walter White," created by YouTube user UltraBrawl, presents Walter White's transformation in a taut eight minutes. The video traces Walt's entire journey, from his days as a high school chemistry teacher to his lung cancer diagnosis, to getting into the meth trade, and his battles with allies and foes including Tuco, Gus Fring and Mike Ehrmantraut. It tracks his tumultuous relationships with Jesse Pinkman, his wife Skyler and his DEA agent brother-in-law Hank, and shows how his physical appearance has gradually morphed to match the gangster he's become.

"Breaking Bad," Season 5