09/06/2012 08:48 am ET Updated Sep 06, 2012

Celebrity Homes: Who's Selling, Listing, Trying To Unload? (PHOTOS)

Real estate is the great equalizer. While celebrities may be able to saunter past the peons to the better restaurant table, the one area where their names and faces hold no clout is real estate. Nobody, but nobody, has ever paid a nickel more for a home just because someone famous once owned it. In the buying public's mind, if Robert DeNiro doesn't actually come with the house, the bragging rights just shouldn't cost so much.

Celebrities aren't immune to market trends. They price high, keep their fingers crossed, and drop the price slowly, just like every other owner trying to sell a home today. They form the same attachments to their homes and shudder when told it isn't worth what they thought it was. So what explains our fascination with their homes? Again, just like everybody else's home, getting a peek inside is like opening a window onto their souls. Whether it be Phyllis Diller's wig room or Robin Williams' kitchen, these homes bear the mark of their owners.

Here's the latest celebrity home news and talk about the post 50 crowd:



Celebrity Real Estate Update