09/06/2012 09:18 am ET Updated Nov 06, 2012

Fascinating Photos of 11 Abandoned Schools

Description	 Classroom in School N3, Pripyat. ￐レ￐ᄏ￐ᄚ￑チ￑チ￐ᄑ￐ᄚ￑マ ￐ᄎ￐ᄒ￐ᄐ￐ᄑ￐ᄚ￑ツ￐ᄚ ￐ᄇ ￑チ￑タ￐ᄉ￐ᄡ￐ᄑ￐ᄉ￐ᄍ ￑ネ￐ᄎ￐ᄒ￐ᄏ￐ᄉ №3, ￐ᄈ￐ᄒ￑タ￐ᄒ￐ᄡ ￐゚￑
Description Classroom in School N3, Pripyat. ￐レ￐ᄏ￐ᄚ￑チ￑チ￐ᄑ￐ᄚ￑マ ￐ᄎ￐ᄒ￐ᄐ￐ᄑ￐ᄚ￑ツ￐ᄚ ￐ᄇ ￑チ￑タ￐ᄉ￐ᄡ￐ᄑ￐ᄉ￐ᄍ ￑ネ￐ᄎ￐ᄒ￐ᄏ￐ᄉ №3, ￐ᄈ￐ᄒ￑タ￐ᄒ￐ᄡ ￐゚￑タ￐ᄌ￐﾿￑マ￑ツ￑フ. | Source Flickr : http://flickr. ...

Ah, September. School bells are ringing, notebooks are fresh, and children of all ages are tromping back to their classrooms with (we imagine) deeply mixed feelings. But not everywhere. We're committed fans of abandoned spaces here at Flavorpill, but there's something particularly off-putting about an abandoned school -- maybe it's the fact that schools in their prime are so filled with life or maybe it's that faint sense of innocence defiled. Either way, to ease your re-entry into the school year (but definitely not to give you any ideas), we've rounded up a few of the most fascinating, creepiest abandoned schools from across the country and beyond. Click through to revel in a little pedagogical disaster, and link us to any cool ones we've missed in the comments.

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