09/06/2012 09:16 am ET Updated Sep 06, 2012

To See My Dreams: Giant Sculpture Head By Jaume Plensa Unveiled On Rio Beach (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

We imagine being sprawled on the white sand of a Brazilian beach and staring out onto the crashing waves beyond is pretty relaxing, but perhaps not quite relaxing enough. Fear not, Spanish artist Jaume Plensa is here to take your relaxation to the limit with a sculpture designed, in his words, "to make people dream."

Whether or not these dreams will be nightmares remains to be seen. Plensa's massive 39-foot sculpture takes the shape of a teenage girl's head, (creepily specified in BBC News as a 14-year-old.) The resin and marble lady's visage emerges, eyes closed, from the depths of the sea. It is called "Olhar nos meus sonhos," or "To see my dreams."

The Barcelona born artist is known for his oversized public sculptures, many of which are female heads. "Dream" is located in St. Helens, England and "Echo" in Madison Square Park, NY. His process blends photography and sculpture not only in technique but also in philosophy; while a photo captures a moment, Plensa told the New York Times, "sculpture thinks about eternity."

The piece is part of the exhibition 'Other Ideas for Rio,' in which works from international artists will be placed around city landmarks in order to allow its inhabitants to break out of their daily habits. "People welcomed this new addition to the beach in Rio, which has been neglected by authorities," Rio residents told Truth Dive.

We are torn over our feelings for Rio's new teenage beach goer. While there is something remarkably unsettling about a giant head inhibiting your beach photos, Plensa does manage to turn a pleasant tourist hotspot into a surrealist playscape. We can't wait for tourist snapshots to turn from cheesy postcards to Magritte's spring break.

What do you think? Meditative? Strange? Terrifying? Let us know in the comments section below.

Giant Head Sculpture Debuts In Rio