09/06/2012 04:31 pm ET

'Harry Potter' Movies: Marathon The Entire Series In 13 Minutes

If you've been feeling some "Potter" nostalgia lately -- especially with all the Emma Watson buzz around "Perks of Being A Wallflower" -- you're not alone. But, even the most dedicated muggle movie marathoner can admit that sometimes, setting aside the 16+ hours it would take to watch all eight "Harry Potter" films in a row is tough. (And those of you who have found the time to do it might be actual wizards.)

Check out the above video for an epic, full-length "HP Retrospective," which hit YouTube a few months ago and is going viral again this week. All eight movies have been condensed into 14 magical minutes. We'll admit that it's not the same as watching the full-length films, but it has enough sweeping music and adorable Harry, Hermione, and Ron friend love to satisfy any "HP" superfan.

For more awesome "Potter" stuff on the interwebs, check out this guide to "House Couture," these Rowling-inspired tarot cards and this giant image which summarizes every single chapter from the books.

Also, we hear that the movie box set is being released next week. Just saying.

(H/T Collider.com)