09/06/2012 08:20 am ET

Jimmy Fallon's Julian Castro Impression Proves Twitter Right (VIDEO)

When Julian Castro spoke at the Democratic National Convention on Tuesday, not only did he bring down the house with his story of realizing the American dream, he lit up Twitter with his curiously familiar looks. And, no, it wasn't his twin brother people were mistaking him for. As Michael Ian Black succinctly put it, "Julian Castro looks like the Latino Jimmy Fallon." And from pretty much that moment on, no one could see anything else.

So it stands to reason that Fallon would have to take an impression of the San Antonio mayor out for a spin on Wednesday's show, and it did not disappoint. We're counting down the seconds until Castro and his brother Joaquin make an appearance alongside their "Late Night" doppelganger.

Watch Fallon's impression above and check out some of our other favorite political impressions below.



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