09/06/2012 10:25 am ET

Get off Kate Middleton's back, Katie Couric

Because apparently this bears restating on a daily basis, here’s your Wednesday reminder. Don’t snark on women’s bodies. Don’t judge them based on their weight. If a member of the female sex does not conform to your ideal image of what her size should be, you know what? Keep it to yourself, concern troll. This one is going out to you, Katie Couric.

Couric’s syndicated talk show doesn’t debut until next week, but she is already wading into controversial subject matters – albeit unintentionally. A Tuesday profile in USA Today — a story, by the way, in which writer Gary Levin referred to the 55-year-old Emmy- and Murrow-award-winning former “Today” and CBS Evening News anchor as both a “girl” and “gal” — mentioned Couric’s response to a test audience member’s question about a dream guest. Kate Middleton, she declared, before adding, “I think she’s getting too thin.”

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