09/06/2012 03:30 pm ET

Katrina Darling, Kate Middleton's Cousin, Nearly Loses Thong During Striptease (NSFW PHOTOS)

Guess who's related to a royal and can't stop getting into naked hijinks?

No, not Prince Harry (although how awesome is it that Prince Harry now fits that description?). Katrina Darling, the burlesque dancer who also happens to be Kate Middleton's second cousin once removed, is back in action and she's totally revamped her act.

The British dancer first made waves in March when she performed her cheeky "God Save The Queen" act in New York. The royal-themed performance included her stripping off layers of Union Jack regalia until she was wearing nothing but crown-shaped pasties. (The fact that she created the act before she knew she was, like, related to Queen Elizabeth II does not make it any less hilarious.)

But Darling returned to our fair city on Wednesday night with a whole new show. Performing at downtown bar Demi Monde, Darling sported a shiny silver toga-like dress and a spiky Statue of Liberty crown while doing some expert flame-swallowing (like the Statue of Liberty's torch -- clever!). Dancing to "American Woman" (again, clever!) she proceeded to strip down to a silver bikini and then gleaming pasties and a thong.

Until the thong broke. Darling suffered a literal "wardrobe malfunction" when her chain-like thong snapped, requiring her to complete her dance while holding her underwear in place.

Don't you hate when that happens?

Check out the (distant) royal cousin and newly minted Playboy covergirl performing her new USA-themed show. Note the gawking spectators (mostly male, natch) in the background.

Katrina Darling's "American Woman" Act

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