09/06/2012 05:14 pm ET

Kim Kardashian, Kanye West Relationship: Reality Star Talks Dating, Divorce On 'The View' (VIDEO)

Kim Kardashian stopped by "The View" Wednesday to dish on her divorce and her new love, Kanye West.

Nearly one year since she filed to divorce Kris Humphries, Kardashian told "The View" co-hosts that she's learned a lot about herself and "doesn't have a lot of regrets."

"I am such a different person today and anyone who would be with me today, or anyone in my past, would have probably wanted the person I am today," Kardashian said. "I care more about the simple things. You really figure out what's important in life. I value time more -- staying at home, doing nothing, cooking in... Not all about the glitz and the glam of a relationship. I just really have grown up."

Kardashian also opened up about her six-month relationship with longtime friend Kanye West. When grilled about the new romance, Kardashian said she thinks West could be her "perfect match" and the two seem to be in it for the long haul.

"I definitely think anything I'd be in now is a permanent relationship," Kardashian said. She later continued, "I think at the space that I am in life now, kids is [sic] definitely something that I want. And I think I wanted that before and I fell in love so quickly and wanted that to be my life so badly that I didn’t take the time to find someone."

Kardashian's divorce from Humphries -- her husband of 72 days -- has been anything but amicable, with Humphries filing for an annulment of the marriage on the basis of fraud and accusing Kardashian of marrying him for publicity. According to Radar Online, the NBA star also thinks that Kardashian's relationship with West is another publicity stunt.

In a hearing last month, attorneys said that Kardashian will likely not be granted a divorce or an annulment before next year. However, she'd hardly be the first celeb whose divorce proceedings lasted longer than the marriage itself. Click through the slideshow below for five others.

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