09/06/2012 04:13 am ET Updated Sep 06, 2012

Mike Rowe Has To Reach Down A Live Crocodile's Throat On 'Dirty Jobs Down Under' (VIDEO)

Mike Rowe has climbed into and reached into many a strange hole during his time as host of "Dirty Jobs," but he found a new one on "Dirty Jobs Down Under." This one wasn't so much dirty or disgusting as it was incredibly dangerous.

Working with scientists, Rowe was helping to capture crocodiles. To study their eating habits, the scientists needed to put a digital transmitter into the crocodile's stomach. This wasn't done by injection, either. It had to be done by hand.

"There’s the matter of the teeth," Rowe said hesitantly, as the scientists guided him down the gullet of the crocodile.

When it was over, Rowe was able to breathe a sigh of relief, and know that he helped with their research. "I’ve been in many holes," he said. "That’s a new one."

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