09/06/2012 11:28 am ET Updated Sep 06, 2012

Naked Man Eludes Seattle Police For Two Hours (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

This guy was one slippery suspect.

The Seattle Post Intelligencer reports that it took Seattle Police two hours to apprehend an as-yet unidentified naked man who allegedly tackled two teens before stripping down and jumping into Green Lake.

Police said the man claimed to be Travis Cunningham, then Tyler K. Cunningham, age 32. But no records were found for either person.


While evading cops and firefighters, the man "clung face down on a buoy, occasionally dipped below the water, rambled nonsense and at one point grabbed a life jacket thrown by police," according to the Post Intelligencer.

Police and firefighters were told not to get in the water as a safety precaution.

"(He) pretty much just attacked me from behind. I didn't even see it coming," Daniel Gonzalez, one of the victims, told KIRO.

Witness Betty Atkinson also said the alleged attack was a surprise. "The guy came out of the trees like a linebacker. There was no warning whatsoever," Atkinson told the Seattle Times.

Concerned Samaritans chased the man around the lake, but "he could sprint like you wouldn't believe," Atkinson said. When cops arrived, that's when the man took off his clothes and got in the water.

He was eventually apprehended. There was no information immediately available regarding any charges he may face.

Check out a mildly NSFW slideshow of the water-based chase below: