09/06/2012 08:12 pm ET

Sarah Crilly Goal: Girl Picked From Stands Enters Game For Scotland, Scores Against Norway

Hashtags like #dayiwontforget trend and fall on Twitter every day but rarely does anyone have an experience to share quite like Sarah Crilly did last week.

The 20-year-old went from spectator to participant when she was suddenly called on to sub in for Scotland in a recent international soccer friendly against Norway, according to various reports.

Crilly, who plays for the Hamilton Ladies and had reportedly helped out at the team's training session the day before, told Sky Sports that she was asked by a team administrator at halftime if she could play after a series of injuries hampered the Scottish squad. She then went to the locker room, put on shoes that apparently didn't even fit and played in the second half.

According to Yahoo!7, she would have normally have had to be to registered before the game but since it was a friendly, the referee allowed her to take the field.

"I was standing with all my friends waiting on a cup of tea when the team administrator came up and asked if I had my boots with me. I didn't," Crilly told The Scottish Sun.

It gets better. Not only did Crilly play the second half, she ended up scoring the equalizing goal with five minutes remaining.

"I was there for a day out with my pals — next thing I know I'm stepping on the park. It was crazy," Crilly told reporters after the game. "I couldn't believe it when I scored. It was incredible."

Only time will tell if Crilly-mania sweeps Europe.