09/06/2012 07:31 pm ET Updated Sep 08, 2012

The Fizzary San Francisco: The Most Bizarre Flavors In The City's Most Exciting New Shop (PHOTOS)

Rhubarb? Route 66? Brainalizer? These may not seem like particularly appetizing flavors, but a new shop in the Mission offers all three (and over 700 more) bizarre soda-pop treats.

And the owners promise they're all delicious.


The Fizzary Sodapop and Candy Shop, a quaint little store on Mission Street, has only been open since August 27, but San Franciscans are already flocking to test out the strange delectables.

"We are exposing the younger generation to older, nostalgic products that they didn't know existed. We're providing grandmothers with their violet flavored candy, the baby boomers with their Abba Zabba and Big Hunk and providing a place for little kids to experience their first saltwater taffy," Hunter Bryce, Social Media extraordinaire for the Fizzary, told the Huffington Post.

Beyond the classics, other selections include Cel-Ray (a celery flavored soda that has already sold out) and Tru Blood (a blood orange fizzy soda with caffeine) and Liquid Fire, which tastes exactly like an Atomic Fire Ball candy.

"With all the flavors we offer, you can rest assured you will find something you like, try something new or discover old favorites," Bryce said.

Taylor's Tonics craft brewers Taylor Peck and Aaron Dolson started the Fizzary in an effort to create a to showcase all the beverages they have come to know and love over the years in one location.

The young entrepreneurs also wanted the shop to be affordable, so although the products come from all over the world, the most expensive elixir costs a mere $4.

Check out a few of their most interesting products in the slideshow below, then go out and visit the shop yourself:

The Fizzary's Strange Sodas