09/07/2012 03:18 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Indecision Attack Ads Slam Fox News, CNN's Election Coverage (VIDEO)

HuffPost Comedy readers will surely agree that two people stand out above the rest when it comes to news coverage you can trust. Even if they happen to work for Comedy Central.

This election marks the 20th year that the network has used the "Indecision" brand to mock election coverage, the first hosted by now senator/then comedian Al Franken to cover the 1992 election. The brand really took off in 2000 when the country had an actual moment of indecision on its hands, and America got to know the brand new host of "The Daily Show," a fresh-faced New Jersey boy by the name of Jon Stewart.

In the above ads, Comedy Central reminds you that you can feel free to watch Fox News and CNN for your election news -- if you're a chump. Watch the Fox News "attack ad" above reminding you that this so-called American network is owned by an Aussie, and below, watch them take on CNN for the truth behind John King's "magic wall."




Jon Stewart ripping Fox News