09/07/2012 08:25 am ET

NFL Fans Mashup: The NOC Mocks Every Team's Fans In 90 Seconds (VIDEO)

Whether at your local sports bar or in the stands at stadiums around the country get ready to hear a lot more NFL conversation. In a video that could easily have been titled "Sh*t NFL Fans Say," The NOC depict the what they see as being the typical fan for each of the 32 NFL teams just in time for the first full weekend of NFL games.

As you might have guessed, the Raiders fan has a few violent urges. Meanwhile, the representative Bucs fan is still pretty psyched about a certain retired fullback. To his credit, this Eagles fan might not be booing. He might be saying boo-urns. Nevermind, he's just booing.

How do you think NOC summed up your city? Let us know how you feel in the comments.

Be warned, Bills fans. There is a poor Scott Norwood reference coming.