09/07/2012 10:10 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Nintendo Toaster Looks Too Awesome To Be Real

We weren't sure if this Nintendo system-turned-toaster was the real deal when we first noticed it on entertainment website Jokeroo, but we knew it would be cool if it was.

nintendo toaster

A little sleuthing revealed that unfortunately, you probably won't be able to buy this in stores anytime soon. It's actually a 3D rendering by DeviantArt user MyBurningEyes, who posted the image on August 27. It's already confused a slew of commenters on the website, who -- like us -- thought it was real. In retrospect, the toast looks a bit funky to us.

This isn't the first Nintendo-toaster hoax, amazingly. Who knew the system was such fodder for breakfast jokes? Earlier this year, word spread about the "Super Toast Retro Bread System," which toasts the image of Super Mario and other characters on a slice of bread. All signs point to it being fake, as well.

On the upside, this "Star Wars"-inspired toaster -- which toasts the visage of Darth Vader into your bread -- is totally real.



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