09/07/2012 04:41 am ET Updated Sep 07, 2012

'Project Runway' Contestants Argue 'Like Boris And Natasha' (VIDEO)

Dmitry was none too pleased this week on "Project Runway" when the remaining nine finalists were split into random groups of three and he wound up with Elena and Alicia.

Dmitry and Elena fought about her sports-wear style and Dmitry's insults got downright bizarre. "To kill the witch, we need a silver bullet and a wooden stake," he said after arguing with her over making their design more "sportsy." That's certainly a unique take on vampire and werewolf mythology.

Christopher was enjoying the pair arguing in the workroom. "They’re like Boris and Natasha from 'Rocky and Bullwinkle,'" he laughed.

On the runway, only the team of Christopher, Gunnar and Sonja came out with winning designs. This led to more arguing between Dmitry and Elena, this time in front of the judges. But neither of them were bid auf wiedersehen this week. Instead, their teammate Alicia -- who produced yet another lackluster product -- was shown the door.

Eight remain as "Project Runway" continues Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on Lifetime.

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