09/07/2012 11:03 am ET

Sleepwalking Mom Reacts To Son's 'Tomato Cage' Video

Many parents are used to dealing with their children's nightmares, or the commonly encountered issue of young children wanting to sleep in mom and dad's bed. But as this video demonstrates, sometimes it's the kids who have to keep an eye on the parents.

Although he's not exactly a kid any longer, YouTube user "stillsoundlyawake," who earned a bit of notoriety for his video spoof "Shit Girls Say To Gay Guys," had another potential viral hit on his hands when he filmed his mom sleepwalking in the kitchen.


In the original footage, his mom hazily stumbles around the room, expressing mild frustration over a wily "tomato cage" that won't open. In the description of the first video, the son wrote that his mom's weird behavior is the side effect of a medication she takes.

Naturally, he just had to document mom's reaction, so the woman's dear son decided to show her the clip. User "jumbleton" posted the reaction video to Reddit, where it quickly found its way onto the social news site's front page.

Certain medications have been thought to cause bizarre somnambulant activity as side effects. In 2009, CBS News reported that the sleep aid Ambien could be linked to sleep eating and even sleep-driving.