09/07/2012 04:10 pm ET

Strange Hum Rocks Seattle: Are Mating Fish The Cause?

As the home of grunge rock, Seattle has a reputation as a place where strange sounds are created.

But there's a new sound buzzing through the western part of the city, and this one can't be attributed to an electric guitar. This This strange humming noise has residents like Julie Schickling rattled.

"It gets high and lower, and goes away, then comes back," Schickling told NWCN.

She recorded the noise and uploaded it to the West Seattle Blog.

Some describe the bizarre noise as a growl, but Kay Kirkpatrick just said the sound was "kind of creepy."

No one can even pin down exactly when the humming started. Some old-timers claim it's been happening for years, while other residents say they've just recently started hearing it.

One theory as to the source of the noise may be weirder than the sound itself: frisky fish.

Biologists at the University of Washington's Marine Biology program told KING-TV that the source of the noise may the male midshipman fish, a bottom-dwelling fish with a distinct mating call.

it sounds fishy, but a recording of the midshipman fish by scientists at Cornell University sounds eerily similar to the sound Shickling recorded.

The biologists believe that ship hulls or buildings in the area are acting as giant sub-woofers, carrying the low-frequency sound for miles.

Seattle isn't the only place hearing strange noises. Residents of Temuka, New Zealand, have also been hearing bizarre sounds this past week, according to

Initially, residents thought that mysterious ringing sounds they were hearing were coming from a diesel tank in the area. Now, however, a card payment system at a local truck stop is believed causing the racket.



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