09/08/2012 10:08 am ET Updated Nov 08, 2012

Romney & Bain: Jimmy Fallon Sings James Taylor, Kind Of (VIDEO)

When James Taylor performed some of his hit songs at the DNC earlier this week, he probably wasn't expecting to be too big of a headline. But Jimmy Fallon chose him as the subject of his latest musical parody, which means he's about to get a lot more attention than he'd planned for.

Fallon took the lyrics to "Fire and Rain" and gave them an election season spin, and the new song, "Romney and Bain," is the result. It's also a pretty explicit endorsement of the Obama campaign, with the lyric, "So I'll prob'ly vote Obama again," right there in the refrain.

No matter what your leanings, though, this song parody is the perfect cherry on a week of great Fallon impressions.



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