09/09/2012 12:17 pm ET Updated Sep 11, 2012

Rescue Dog Helps 6-Year-Old Boy Suffering From Brain Aneurysms (VIDEO)

Six-year-old Leo suffers from multiple brain aneurysms -- he collapsed at the age of 3 and doctors discovered a large bulge in one of the cranial blood vessels.

But fortunately, for Leo and his mother Yasmine, they found help when they decide to adopt a rescue dog called Henry. "We are the three Musketeers," says Yasmine.

A brain aneurysm can rupture, bleeding into the brain and causing a potentially fatal hemorrhagic stroke, according to the Mayo Clinic. They can also cause significant ongoing health problems.

"He is going to suffer strokes, he is going to have seizures, because it is taking its toll on his brain," Yasmine told The Pet Collective in the video above. By his fifth birthday, Leo had undergone three brain surgeries.

While in the hospital, Leo quickly formed a connection with the service dogs who were brought in to help sick children. "As soon as the dogs came, he lit up," his mother said. "He started walking, he started having them do tricks...he was laughing, he was smiling, and within three days he was out of the hospital."

That's when she decided to get her son a dog.

They settled on Henry, who'd been on a 'kill list.' "(He) is an amazing dog ... he picked us," says Yasmine.

Henry can detect Leo's seizures and notify his mother as a result of the chemical scents that precede the convulsions. "Henry's ability to detect seizures is a natural talent. It happened by accident, and it consistently keeps happening," she told The Pet Collective. "The fact that he is by Leo's side is so valuable to me. I know that he is there for Leo."

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