09/10/2012 03:57 pm ET

Harry Reid: Paul Ryan's 'Fictitious Math' Applies to Marathon Time, Tax Loopholes

WASHINGTON -- Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) jabbed Republican vice presidential nominee Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) on Monday over his botched marathon time, calling it the latest example of Ryan's inability to give specifics when it comes to numbers.

Ryan recently boasted to a conservative talk radio host that he clocked in at the "two hour and 50-something" mark in a marathon he ran 22 years ago. Runner's World did some investigating and found that his time was actually just over four hours. Ryan later confirmed that Runner's World was correct.

Reid said Ryan's problem with "fictitious math" also applies to his inability to answer questions about tax loopholes that he and Mitt Romney insist they want to close.

"See, when [Ryan and Romney] start talking about how fast they run a marathon or holes they want to plug, they have to actually give the specs. They refuse to do that," Reid said. "Do they want to get rid of charitable donations? Do they want to get rid of the deduction for buying a home? They will not say so."

They won't give specific numbers because they're "afraid" they won't add up, he said. "So they give you this Ryan math, this Romney math."

After Ryan's sub-three hour marathon time was debunked, someone jokingly created an interactive Paul Ryan Time Calculator, which calculates -- and drastically cuts -- your race time once you plug in a few variables.



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