09/10/2012 07:55 pm ET Updated Sep 10, 2012

Julián Castro Makes Spoof Video With Apple Siri (VIDEO)

San Antonio Mayor Julián Castro shows a different side with this video after his rousing keynote speech at the Democratic National Convention.

Since then, Castro has remained in the limelight. From his predictions of Latino voters pushing Obama to victory in November, to the buzz around his 'daughter's future' as America's Next Top model, this latest video just adds to an evolving public persona for this groundbreaking Hispanic politician.

However, even before he stepped onto the national stage at the DNC, Castro was already known for his quirky personality, as seen in this video which appeared in May taunting ESPN Analyst Charles Barkley after the NBA legend had disparaged San Antonio.

But this time, Castro makes fun of himself, even tackling the rumors about a possible presidential run. The video was created for for the San Antonio Society of Professional Journalists' Gridiron event which raises money for scholarships presented by the San Antonio chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists.



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