09/10/2012 08:29 am ET Updated Sep 10, 2012

'Married To Jonas': Kevin And Dani Organize An Intervention For Her Dad's Health (VIDEO)

Kevin joined his wife Danielle for a family intervention on "Married to Jonas." Her father, Bucky, suffered a heart attack a few years ago, but hasn't done as well at maintaining the healthier lifestyle recommended to him. So the family decided to give him some tough love.

Bucky's defense at first was to crack jokes about the situation. "I’ll see yas," he said. "I’ll be looking down. I’m going to heaven."

"You make a joke out of it, but why don’t you remember that every time you put the donut in your mouth?" his wife pleaded.

Dani chimed in as well. "You promised that you ... were gonna change," she reminded him. "You promised!"

In the end, Bucky promised again to make more of an effort, and even agreed to give pilates a try with his daughters.

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