09/10/2012 02:55 pm ET

NBC Paralympics Coverage Criticized BY IPC

NBC's Olympics coverage was criticized by another entity on Monday.

The International Paralympics Committee (IPC) said that it would further scrutinize media partners in the future after NBC did not air any live coverage of the 2012 games.

NBC, the network with exclusive rights to the London Olympics, aired four hour-long highlight specials on the NBC Sports channel, and one 90-minute recap. According to the BBC, "NBC did not show any live action and its 90-minute round-up programme will not be broadcast until 16 September."

IPC president Sir Philip Craven urged NBC to dedicate more on-air coverage time to the Paralympics. "The people of the USA...particularly the parents and families of the athletes, they are all ready for Paralympic sport," he said.

NBC's coverage of the 2012 London games was often the subject of criticism by members of the media and Olympics enthusiasts.

Viewers made this dissatisfaction known when NBC decided to air the biggest events on tape delay, and edit portions of the opening and closing ceremonies.

Though the network streamed the London games on its website, viewers criticized that they had to pay for the service. Spoilers were also particularly difficult to avoid, as results were often tweeted, the subjects of breaking news e-mail alerts, announced on 24-hour cable news networks, and more.

NBC defended its coverage with record high ratings and internal research that found that viewers still tuned in to watch delayed sporting events, even when they already knew the results.