09/10/2012 12:35 pm ET Updated Sep 11, 2012

New Dictionary Words: Collins Dictionary Approves 'Frenemy,' 'Cyberbully' And More

You can now officially look up the words "liveblog," "FaceTime" and "cyberbully" in the Collins Dictionary. How ridiculously "amazeballs" (another new word) is that?

Throughout this past summer, Collins Dictionary, founded in 1819, opened up its word submission process to the public for anyone longing to "be part of the evolution" of daily language, according to the project's website.

After Collins received over 4,400 requested terms in a two-month period, the publishers reviewed the submissions and approved the new words that would be added to the dictionary. The first batch of 86 "crowdsourced words and definitions" were released Monday, many of which are tech or social media-based, according to a press release.

But if you missed this summer's opportunity to make your mark on the English language, don't fret. You've still got time to be "impactful" since the company plans to maintain a continuous word submission process.

“Because now accepts submissions on an ongoing basis, we will be able to better monitor emerging words as the pace of change within the English language continues to accelerate," stated head of digital Alex Brown in the press release.

Despite the company's enthusiasm, your computer's spellcheck still might not believe "gazang" or "hangry" are actual words. And don't even get us started on smartphone autocorrect.

So what words did the English-speaking people of the world submit? Check out the slideshow below of 13 new terms that will appear in the Collins Dictionary, then tell us what you think about these words: Are we slandering the English language or keeping an antiquated system relevant? Sound off in the comments section, or tweet your favorite words to us at [@HuffPostTech]. Also, if you want to submit your own terms to Collins, visit the submissions page (here).

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