09/11/2012 09:23 am ET Updated Sep 11, 2012

Playboy Bunny Club Manual From 1968 (PHOTOS)

Employee manuals offer many rules specific to the job, but have you ever heard of one that stipulates "bunny ears [are] not worn in center of head"?

That’s one of many guidelines in a Playboy Club waitress employee manual from 1968. The pink-colored manual, which includes sections such as “Bunny Meetings” and “Merit/Demerit Program" lays out a specific set of standards for Bunny behavior and even goes so far as to claim the job represents “a new definition and standard for charm, beauty and friendly service.” One such standard involves smoking, which may only be done one "puff" at a time, placing the cigarette in an ashtray in between drags.

Known for their glamour, the first run of Playboy Clubs died out in 1991, and a recent revival also seems to be running out of Energizer batteries. An NBC series based on the club was cancelled after just three episodes in 2011, and the Las Vegas Playboy Club that opened in 2006 closed this summer.

Still, the level of attention to detail demanded of Playboy Club employees lives on in other industries. A recently leaked manual for Apple’s “Genius Bar” technicians revealed employees are prohibited from using certain words, such as “crash” or “hot," when describing a product.

Checkout the Playboy Club Bunny Manual below:

Playboy Bunny Waitress Manual From 1960s

(Hat tip: The Daily Mail)