09/10/2012 03:33 pm ET Updated Sep 10, 2012

Randy Jackson Joins HuffPost Live: Judges HuffPost Idol And Talks Living With Diabetes

American Idol judge Randy Jackson stopped by HuffPost Live Monday to talk about living with diabetes and to judge the vocal talents of some HuffPost Live hosts.

Randy spoke to Marc Lamont Hill about being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes nine years ago and described the life changes he was forced to make to cope with the disease.

"You gotta make your doctor your homey," Jackson said about the need for diabetics to make regular visits to their doctors for tests and to set goals to manage the disease. He also stressed the need to exercise regularly and reject the fatty foods that he grew up with in the South, namely "cakes and pecan candy."

Jackson writes on the Taking Diabetes to Heart website:

"I learned that having type 2 diabetes increases my risk for heart disease, among other long-term complications. This was the push I needed to take my diabetes to heart. I 'got in tune' with important lifestyle changes and worked with my doctors to set goals for my blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol."

WATCH Randy tell his personal diabetes story below:

Joining Marc and Randy were three community members who live with diabetes: Liddy Huntsman, Kristen Reagan and Joel Connable, a journalist who has lived with diabetes for 27 years and has a dog who senses sharp changes in his blood sugar.

WATCH Randy talk about diabetes below:

Things got a bit crazy when Randy judged HuffPost Live Idol -- the first-ever singing competition between hosts Ahmed Shihab-Eldin, Janet Varney, Abby Huntsman, Alyona Minkovski and Josh Zepps (the former host of Idol Backstage, the behind-the-scenes show for Australian Idol. While he didn't crown a HuffPost Live idol, he did describe Abby's rendition of "Amazing Grace" as "really serious" and praised "the Australian guy with whole thing with the kicking like the Rockettes."

Jackson said of his first experience on HuffPost Live, "This thing is so random, but I kinda like it."