09/10/2012 11:27 am ET Updated Sep 11, 2012

Tracy Reese Spring 2013: A Collection Of Easy, Breezy Elegance (PHOTOS)

It's been quite an exciting week for fashion designer Tracy Reese. After the first lady wowed the DNC and the world in one of her dresses, Reese capped off the week by presenting a crowd-pleasing Spring 2013 collection at New York Fashion Week.

As promised, Reese showed a sophisticated yet relaxed collection filled with color and plenty of pizazz.

Reese took a departure from her more refined girly-girl dresses, yet still provided her signature feminine flare with a slew of separates that spoke to her customers' easygoing side. Slouchy silk trousers, airy blouses, relaxed blazers and short, billowing sundresses anchored the collection -- all of which could be dolled up at a moment's notice.

And speaking of dolled up -- sequin embellished pants and intricately embroidered button-down shirts stole the show.

"I wanted to integrate the embellishments in a way that was easy for people to wear -- that was super important," Reese told The Huffington Post.

Unexpected color combinations like peach with blood-orange and tangerine paired with turquoise gave a new perspective to a warm-weather palette.

"Bright color that was tempered with neutrals. It's important I think right now to not go head-to-toe bright, but find unexpected mixes that look fresh," Reese said.

Season after season, Reese's accessories have been gaining our attention, and this fashion week continued with that trajectory. For Spring 2013, fringe was used to add an extra kick to an already eye-catching collection.

"I was feeling fringy," said Reese. "I wanted fringe bags and fringe shoes. But we worked it with clear PVC so that it was a little bit modern yet tribal together in one shoe.

All in all, the collection was a solid representation of what we love from Reese -- effortless elegance. This time, over easy.

Check out Tracy Reese's Spring 2013 collection in the slideshow below. Which looks are you loving?



Tracy Reese Spring 2013