09/11/2012 04:05 pm ET

American Dog School In Fort Collins Under Investigation After Owner's Puppy Came Home Injured

A Fort Collins boarding and training facility is under investigation after the owner of a 13-week-old German Shepherd puppy returned to pick him up after a weekend stay with shocking injuries, according to a report by the Coloradoan.

Tiffany Brown said that when she picked up the family puppy, Baron, his eye was popping out of its socket and he was crying in pain. After having him checked out by the Colorado State Veterinary Teaching Hospital, Baron was found to have suffered blunt force trauma and skull fractures at least 24 hours old that resulted in his eye having to be surgically removed.

(Click over to the Coloradoan for photos of Baron before and after the injury)

Brown added she had only left Baron at the American Dog School in Fort Collins after spending several training sessions with him and the owner of the facility, Tami Carrasco.

Carrasco later told 7News that the only thing she can think might have happened is that Baron may have gotten loose and kicked by a horse in a nearby pasture.

"I don’t know what happened and that’s why I feel horrible. I’ve got bigger dogs around and I’m just putting them in gates and I just missed it. I know it doesn’t sound right, but I did," Carrasco said.

The Larimer County Humane Society's Animal Protection and Control is investigating this case.