09/11/2012 04:46 pm ET

Anderson Cooper Puts Wolf Blitzer's New Glasses On The 'Ridiculist'

Anderson Cooper was shocked —shocked!—to find on Monday that Wolf Blitzer had apparently appropriated the hipster-glasses look that he has been sporting for years.

Blitzer sent ripples throughout MediaLand when he debuted his trendy new black plastic specs. (Certain sites dubbed him "Wolf Hipster," for instance.) But Cooper, presumably feeling protective of the nerd-cool image he's been pushing since at least 2010, put Blitzer on his "Ridiculist" on Monday night.

"I wonder where he could have possibly gotten that idea," he said of Blitzer's frames. "I don't want to accuse Wolf Blitzer going all 'Single White Female' on me, but these glasses kind of my thing. No one, I mean no one else has them, except, of course, for Elvis Costello, Johnny Depp, Robert Downey Jr., or even Snooki."

Cooper also noted that, before Blitzer blitzed the world, a Google search for "Wolf glasses" mostly yielded pictures of ... glasses with wolves on them. Which makes sense.



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