09/11/2012 03:22 pm ET

Obama Sees Bump After Democratic Convention: Gallup

President Barack Obama grew his support by 3 percentage points during the Democratic National Convention, giving him a 6 percent lead over Mitt Romney among registered voters, according to the Gallup Daily tracking poll.

Gallup reports its presidential tracking with a seven-day rolling average, meaning Tuesday's results are the first to include only interviews conducted after the start of the Democratic convention. The daily tracking poll also has seen a steep rise in economic confidence since the beginning of the convention.

Obama's improved polling coming out of Charlotte is similar to the 4-point bump he received after the 2008 convention, according to Gallup. Romney left the Republican National Convention polling 1 point lower than before he started it, in contrast with John McCain, who saw a 6-point bounce in the tracking poll.

From Gallup's analysis:

Although Obama's convention bounce was modest, the fact that Romney got no bounce certainly means the president came out ahead after the back-to-back party conventions. For now, Obama has established a lead among registered voters. Differences in voter turnout among Obama and Romney supporters, which usually benefit the Republican nominee, could cut into Obama's lead.

Democratic performance tends to drop by 2 to 4 points in Gallup polls of likely voters. The Gallup Daily tracking poll switches to a likely voter model in October.

The post-convention Gallup survey interviewed 1,896 registered voters between Sept. 7 and 10, with a 3 percent margin of error.



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