09/11/2012 02:41 pm ET Updated Sep 11, 2012

'Go On' Premiere: Cast Talks Grief Therapy As Comedy, Working With Matthew Perry And More

"Go On" re-aired its premiere episode last night, and tonight marks the show's official premiere with Episode 2, "He Got Game, She Got Cats" (premieres Tues., Sept. 11, 9 p.m. ET on NBC), where grieving widow Ryan King (Matthew Perry) realizes he may not have all the answers after all.

HuffPost TV caught up with some of Perry's co-stars to find out more about working with the "Friends" alum, learning about this very special group of people, Ryan's life at work outside of the group and what's to come.

Keep reading for more scoop from Laura Benanti, who stars as the support group's Type-A leader, Lauren; Brett Gelman, a regular at UCB, who plays Mr. K, a man whose grief is obvious but also a total mystery; Suzy Nakamura, who plays the group's wannabe star student Yolanda; and John Cho, who plays Steven, Ryan's boss and best friend who mandates his grief therapy.

On working with Matthew Perry
Laura Benanti: "He's the worst. He's not handsome, he's not funny, he's not smart ... no, he's the best. He's truly a great guy. I feel like I've known all these guys for a long time already."

John Cho: "For me, I'm working with a hero of mine, Matthew Perry. I've stolen so much from him over the years, it's kind of embarrassing. [Laughs.] I told him, 'This is really weird for me. You're my teacher, but you don't even know you're my teacher. So you don't know how big this moment is for me.'"

Suzy Nakamura: "He's great ... and I'm not just saying that. He's a team player and our leader. We all look to him because he has so much experience, but he also makes sure we're all working toward to same goal, as an ensemble, which is making this sweet, emotional, funny show. It's not easy for him -- he does a lot of the heavy lifting -- but he's great.

"With Matthew's character, he's obviously the coolest guy that I've ever met and I want to be best friends with him. And that's not far from the actual reality. He cares about the show first -- he wants everybody to shine."

More about the group's many characters
Brett Gelman on Mr. K: "He's definitely the weirdest of the group, but in a way, he's the simplest and most straightforward. He wants friends really bad, and that's really his main thing. He's complicated with how he pursues that, but ... [laughs] really he just wants to be loved. But the group's really a family, and they accept him more and more as the show goes on, and everybody accepts each other."

Laura Benanti on Lauren: "She is just as messed up as they are in some ways. Inherently, I'm the straight man to these folks, but I love that Scott [Silverli, creator] is allowing me to explore her sense of humor as well. I love that he's constantly throwing in little weird things for her."

Suzy Nakamura on Yolanda: "Yolanda is the teacher's pet. She wants to please! The groups knows why she's there, but the audience doesn't know why she's there yet -- it'll be revealed. I think she could be annoying, but since her intentions are so good and pure, it's funny. We all know people like that, don't we?"

About Ryan's life outside of group
John Cho: "Right now, it's really about these two guys who are trying to figure out this terrible thing together, and they're incredibly ill-equipped to talk about these things, and that's funny to me. And it's real."

What's next?
Laura Benanti:
"I want to explore a little bit more of her background, like why she was 40 pounds heavier. I might like a flashback episode. But what led her to Weight Watchers, and what led her to this group? I would like to see her in more stressful situations, too -- with all of her purported knowledge of how to handle oneself, I feel like when it comes to her, it'd all go out the window. In Episode 4, we experience her having a stressful reaction, and the group helps her, which I really loved. But we're also going to see the character outside of the group, relating to each other more socially away from the circle."

"Go On" premieres Tues., Sept. 11, 9 p.m. ET on NBC.

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