09/11/2012 05:47 am ET Updated Sep 11, 2012

'Hell's Kitchen' Finale: Did Christina Wilson Or Justin Antiorio Win Season 10? (VIDEO)

It was a one-two punch for Gordon Ramsay as he wrapped both of his culinary reality competition series on Monday night. First up was "Hell's Kitchen," which saw its competition whittled down to Christina Wilson and Justin Antiorio. And, as usual, it was a whirlwind of activity and chaos in the kitchen as the two finalists tried to rally their respective troops together enough to put out a decent dinner service.

At stake was a $250,000 gig at Ramsay's Las Vegas steakhouse, Steak at Paris. Both chefs had some difficulties in the kitchen, undercooking and overcooking food, forcing them to make last-minute substitutions. But finally, it was time to announce the winner.

And the winner is ... "Tavon," Ramsay joked, referencing the first contestant eliminated.

For real, it was Justin and Christina at the doors, and the one that opened saw a clearly shocked Christina stepping through. "I’m incredibly proud of myself and just thankful that I’ve left my mark here," she said.

"Christina’s passion and talent are undeniable," Ramsay said of his new executive chef. "She’s a strong leader who is totally at home in the kitchen."

"Hell's Kitchen" has already been renewed for Season 11 and will return to Fox next summer.

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