09/11/2012 01:18 pm ET Updated Sep 11, 2012

Joe Biden To Firefighter: Come Have A Beer In Washington, 'No Bullsh*t'

Vice President Joe Biden made a stop on Tuesday at a Shanksville, Pa., fire station, where he made a Biden-style invitation for a firefighter to have a beer with him at the White House -- "no bullshit."

After an event in Western Pennsylvania to commemorate the crash of Flight 93 there on Sept. 11, Biden and Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar visited the firefighters to thank them for their service.

While there, Biden saw Deputy Chief Brad Shober, whom he met at events for the 10-year anniversary of the 9/11 attacks last year, according to a pool report. Biden told Shober at the time that he would treat Shober to drinks if he still had a vice presidential coin given to him that day. Shober told pool reporter Peter Baker of The New York Times that he "made sure that was [in] my pocket" Tuesday because he might see the vice president.

Biden said Shober and other firefighters would have to come back to Washington for their beer.

"He's going to call you, no bullshit," Biden said, pointing to an aide. He then noticed the pool reporter and turned back to the firefighter to say it in a more family-friendly way: "This is no malarkey. You come to the White House. I'll buy you a beer."

Biden also took advantage of the firefighters' barbecue, where they were cooking up hot dogs and hamburgers for donations. He put in $20, saying it would cover both him and Salazar. "Come on, let's go get one," he said, walking over to the grill. "I want a hot dog." He then had a hamburger, according to the pool report.

A reporter asked the vice president how his wife, Dr. Jill Biden, would feel about that meal choice.

"She's going to say, 'Joe, what the hell are you doing?' I just ate a peanut butter sandwich between here and there," he said.



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