09/11/2012 06:49 pm ET Updated Sep 12, 2012

Levitated Mass: What Other Things Should LACMA Levitate? (PHOTOS)

This story comes courtesy of Los Angeles, I'm Yours.

By Kyle Fitzpatrick

It wasn’t until this past Saturday at the KCRW’s Good Food Pie Contest that we finally got to encounter LACMA’s art rock star Levitated Mass in person. We’re aware that we are the last people in the city to see the Mass and we were also well aware of what Heizer’s installation would be: a giant floating boulder. It’s a sublime entry in land art that points toward man’s ability to deconstruct the Earth, its placement ironic as the impenetrable natural rock is framed in man made structures. The story of Mass is now carved into Los Angeles art history as its arrival became a sensation.

Standing and observing Mass, you realize its power. You also realize that it is just a giant rock that was fortysomething years in the making. It now sits in a small desert off of Fairfax and is one of the most Instagramed art pieces in the world (that’s just a guess, though). Meditating on the piece, we got to thinking about what else Heizer could have levitated and what it could have meant for the city and art. Is a “mass” the most powerful image? We think not. Thus, we thought up some ideas and made renderings of other masses that would be nice additions to LACMA’s property.

Photos and captions by Los Angeles, I'm Yours.

What Other Things Should LACMA Levitate?